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There are many reasons individuals owe back taxes to the IRS, including simple errors made on tax returns, audits, failure to withhold and remit employment taxes, and failure to pay past tax liabilities. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Instead, interest and penalties will continue to accrue, growing even modest tax liabilities into large debts.

Located in Eau Claire, attorney James G. Moldenhauer has been helping individuals and businesses throughout Northwest Wisconsin find tax debt relief for more than 30 years.

Tax Relief Lawyers

If you received notice from the IRS or Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR), stating you owe back taxes, you must act quickly to prevent the IRS and DOR from taking collection action against you.

The IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR), have many powerful collection tools at their disposal, including the right to levy your bank account, garnish your wages and withhold your tax return. The IRS can also attach a federal tax lien to your real and personal property, interfering with your ability to refinance or sell your home, your car and your other properties.

At Moldenhauer Law Office, we work hard to dismiss the underlying tax debt and find other solutions — such as offers in compromise and installment agreements — to release tax liens and prevent levies on our clients' wages and bank accounts.

Our attorney thoroughly examine the reasons for IRS collection action. Did you fail to timely respond to an IRS notice? Did you fail to file a tax return? Was a tax liability assessed against you? Once we know the underlying reason for the collection action, we can craft the appropriate solution. Possible strategies include:

Representation During Tax Audits

Tax audits are procedures used by the IRS to investigate your finances and determine whether you owe additional taxes. During this process, the IRS may examine everything from your personal bank account to your employment record. During this process it is important to have an experienced tax attorney representing your interests and shielding you from additional liability.

Attorney James G. Moldenhauer has been helping individuals resolve their tax issues for more than 30 years. He understands the techniques the IRS and Wisconsin DOR use during audits and how to protect clients during the audit process.

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