Eau Claire Innocent Spouse Relief Attorney

During legal separation or divorce, many individuals find themselves held liable for the tax debts of their spouses. Failure to act may result in collection action — such as wage garnishments and bank levies — being taken against you. In addition, the penalties and interest tacked on to tax deficiencies can transform modest debts into huge financial liabilities.

There is help. In some circumstances individuals may be relieved from tax debt through innocent spouse relief.

Located in Eau Claire, the Moldenhauer Law Office helps taxpayers throughout Northwest Wisconsin obtain relief from the tax debts of their spouses through innocent spouse actions.

Relief From Your Spouse's Tax Debt

Innocent spouse is a program that provides taxpayers with relief from the improper, fraudulent or illegal tax positions taken by their current or former spouses. However, obtaining innocent spouse status is difficult. In order to qualify for innocent spouse relief, an individual must meet strict guidelines:

  • The taxpayer must have filed a joint tax return with his or her spouse/ex-spouse.
  • The taxpayer must have had no knowledge, nor reason to know, that the tax return included an understatement of tax liability.
  • The taxpayer must have been separated or divorced or not lived in the same household as his or her spouse for at least 12 months when the joint return was made.

In addition to these requirements, the facts and circumstances must be such that it would be inequitable to hold the taxpayer liable for his or her spouse's tax debts.

Helping Clients Obtain Innocent Spouse Status

At the Moldenhauer Law Office, our attorney is dedicated to reducing clients' tax liabilities. We work diligently to gather necessary documentation and build strong petitions that provide clients with the best chance possible of obtaining innocent spouse status.

Attorney James G. Moldenhauer has dedicated his practice to tax law. He understands the nuances of various debt settlement options and knows how to negotiate with the IRS. Clients turn to him when they need honest, reliable, effective representation against the IRS and Wisconsin Department or Revenue.

If your ex owes back taxes, you may be on the hook. Contact lawyer James G. Moldenhauer for help obtaining innocent spouse relief. Call our law office at 800-380-7225 for more information.