Eau Claire IRS Installment Agreements Attorney

At the Moldenhauer Law Office, our attorney uses a variety of settlement tools — including installment agreements — to reduce and manage clients' tax liabilities, and avoid IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) collection procedures.

Located in Eau Claire, attorney James G. Moldenhauer has been helping individuals and businesses throughout Northwest Wisconsin resolve their tax disputes for more than 30 years.

Managing Your Tax Debt

Back taxes, penalties and years of accrued interest can result in large tax debts, totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars. Many people cannot afford to pay these debts outright. However, failure to take appropriate steps may expose you to IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) collection procedures, including wage garnishments, bank levies and liens on your property.

There is another option. Through an installment agreement, taxpayers can create a plan to repay their tax debts slowly, over a term of years.

Negotiating An Installment Agreement

When determining whether a taxpayer qualifies for an installment agreement, the IRS and Wisconsin DOR will evaluate an individual's income and monthly expenses to determine the amount that can be paid toward the tax debt each month. The IRS may also examine a taxpayer's personal and real property, require properties with equity to be liquidated and the proceeds paid toward his or her tax debts.

The process involved in obtaining an installment agreement varies depending on the amount of taxes owed. Individuals with tax debt under $25,000 face a simpler process while the process for those with more than $25,000 in tax debt may involve closer IRS scrutiny.

James G. Moldenhauer is an experienced tax attorney. For more than 30 years, he has been helping clients negotiate installment agreements with the IRS.

The formulas used by the IRS often do not reflect the true expenses of the taxpayer, resulting in higher required monthly payments. It is important to work with an experienced tax attorney who knows how to negotiate with the IRS and best present financial information in your favor.

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